Tips for Your Twitter Marketing Strategy

 Denny’s – Don’t be too serious

One incredible example of a brand that produces truly entertaining content is Denny’s. Its Tumblr blog is a grab bag of things ranging from clever to downright weird, but it’s all done in a way that works with the brand.

Denny's-Tumblr Blog


It helps that it keeps a consistent voice, whether it’s a ridiculous pun or a bizarre tip for alternate ways to use pancakes.

The content is weird, it’s meta, and it’s stuff that people don’t hesitate to share because it’s genuinely funny and doesn’t feel like just another advertisement for Denny’s.

What you can do about it: 

Denny’s obviously knows its audience’s sense of humor and makes content that really fits with the platforms on which it is shared (specifically Tumblr and Instagram). Ensure that your content voice matches the audience and the platform.

Stay on Top of Trends – Beat Google to Them – You’ll Have to be Fast

Google loves a trend and skilfully employs newsjacking, almost daily. It works for the brand as it keeps its Twitter account interesting without the heavy selling of products. The result? Google received the most mentions and second most retweets of all the brands we studied. It’s a cool feed to read and catch up on what’s going on globally. The following tweet jumped on two trending hashtags simultaneously.

Nike sells groovy trainers, so it’s quick off the mark. In the example below, Nike released 89 pairs of self-lacing shoes, inspired by the movie, Back to the Future. The shoes were put into auction and proceeds went to the Michael J Fox organization, a foundation sponsored by Nike that’s trying to find treatment for Parkinson’s disease. Nike not only jumped on the Back to the Future movie that has an almost cult-like following, it also demonstrated its social conscience.

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