10 Small Business Ideas in India with Low Investment in 2018

1. Selling Custom T-Shirts Online Starting a customized t-shirt printing business is one of the best small business ideas in India with small capital that can be launched easily. If you don’t know how to get started, read here 10 steps to starting an online t-shirt business from home. 2. Tutoring Services Providing tutoring services is another best business in India. If you are an expert in the specific subjects then why don’t… Read Article →

Alaska-world’s highest wind project

The city of Fairbanks, Alaska will soon be home to the world’s highest wind turbine from a startup spun out of MIT, called Altaeros. The four-year-old startup will deploy its large helium-filled blimp-looking turbine at 1,000 feet for 18 months at a cost of $1.3 million. The idea around high-altitude wind is that the wind power at great heights can be much greater — winds 1,000 to 2,000 feet above the… Read Article →

The New Thing of Mobile Apps for Start-up’s

Online Food Aggregator Online food aggregator services is a blessing for food junkies. You like Pizzas from Dominos and Hamburger from Subway. Food Aggregators collect the orders from various restaurant and food chain and deliver aggregated orders to customers. Food Panda is a great example of such services. You can charge restaurant owners a small fee for listing their restaurant listed on the mobile app. You will earn commission on… Read Article →

Business ideas you can start for peanuts

Think earning extra dosh whenever it suits you? Sounds too good to be true? Think again. Here are the 30 best businesses to start with little money – all of which can be home-based businesses. With all of these ideas, you’ll be struggling with what business to start. 1. Trade on eBay Figure out what’s selling on eBay, then invest in setting up a professional-looking eBay shop from £14.99 a… Read Article →

Internet Business Ideas

1. EARN MONEY ONLINE WITH WEBSITES How to make money online? The Internet has millions of websites. Did you ever wonder why? Websites are like online real estate. You can have different types of online properties, websites being the simplest of them. You don’t need to have a degree in Internet technologies to create a website. All that you need to do is register a domain name (around $10 per year) and… Read Article →

Home Business Ideas

1.Do it On Your Own: Because nothing is easier than emptying your own pockets first! Before going around and asking people to invest in your business, look in your own account. Tap into your savings. Although it’s risky, it’s your best bet because it shows you are serious about your business and you won’t just run away with someone else’s money. This subconsciously lends a trust factor to your business…. Read Article →

What can digital marketers learn from Amazon Prime?

1. Keep your message simple. Any entrepreneur knows that it’s easy to overcomplicate things. But this can create significant problems when trying to grow a business. After all, how many customers can you expect to acquire if they don’t clearly understand your business model? One of the main reasons that Amazon Prime is so successful is its simplicity. Amazon can easily communicate the benefit of Prime: Customers receive unlimited two-day… Read Article →

Tips for Your Twitter Marketing Strategy

 Denny’s – Don’t be too serious One incredible example of a brand that produces truly entertaining content is Denny’s. Its Tumblr blog is a grab bag of things ranging from clever to downright weird, but it’s all done in a way that works with the brand. It helps that it keeps a consistent voice, whether it’s a ridiculous pun or a bizarre tip for alternate ways to use pancakes. The content is weird,… Read Article →

Cadbury’s Strategy

Cadbury is focusing on little acts of kindness in its relaunched marketing for Dairy Milk, as revealed in the first work from VCCP since the Mondelez brand appointed it as lead global agency last year. The strategy behind the campaign is to take the Cadbury brand back to its roots as a family brand founded on generous principles (the original Cadbury family were Quakers and pioneers of social justice in… Read Article →